Green Sand Casting in Bronze for Paper Industry

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A paper industry client came to Meloon Foundries to green sand cast 200 bronze spiders. The C922 bronze spiders, were used to build paper-making cylinders, had an outside diameter of 36″ and were .125″-1.00″ thick. Standard tolerances of +/- .030” were held. Spiders range in size from 16″-72″. 


After the process was complete, each of the 50 lbs spiders were visually inspected and then straightened to guarantee that they met the specifications outlined in the prints supplied by the customer.For more information about our other services, please contact Meloon Foundries.


Product NameBronze Spider
Product DescriptionThis bronze spider is used to build paper making cylinders. They are built onto a roll with the castings spaced on a steel shaft to support wire cloth.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary: Green Sand Casting
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartFloor Molding
Overall Part Dimensions O.D.: Ø36"
Thickness: .125"-1.00"
Tightest Tolerances±.030"
Material UsedC922 Bronze
FeaturesCorrosive Resistant
In process testing/inspection performedVisual Inspection and Straightening
Estimated Part Weight50 lbs
Industry for UsePaper Making
Volume200 Annually
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Print