Sand Castings

At Meloon Foundries, we offer our clients the best in sand casting

Our no-bake and green sand casting methods can handle your heavy, large and complex castings up to 93″ long, 93″ wide and 48″ high. Our castings can be corrosion resistant, heat and wear resistant and tested for tensile strength and Brinell hardness. 

Meloon can handle a wide variety of aluminum and copper based alloys. We also offer additional services, such as rapid prototyping, pattern design and production, heat treating and metal certification.

Among the areas we serve are medical, railroad or OEM machine building industries, Meloon is your one-stop-shop for all your sand casting projects. For more information about our sand castings, please contact Meloon Foundries.


  • No Bake Molding of an Aluminum Window Grate for the Architectural Industry
  • No Bake Molding of an Aluminum Impeller for Centrifugal Blower Builders
  • No Bake Molding of an Aluminum Plenum for the Plastic Film Manufacturing Industry
  • Green Sand Casting of a Bronze Spider for the Paper Making Industry
  • Green Sand Casting of a Bronze Columbarium Face Plate for the Architectural Industry
General Capabilities Heavy Castings
Large Castings
Complex Castings
Casting Method No-Bake
Green Sand Casting
Casting Features Corrosion Resistant
High Tensile
Heat Resistant
Heat Treated
Wear Resistant
Specific Conductivity
Casting Mold Type Single Use
Casting Process Materials Green Sand
No-Bake Sand
Casting Length Up to 93 in
Casting Width Up to 93 in
Casting Height Up to 48 in
Thinnest Section Castable 1/8 in
Casting Weight Ounces to 2,000 lbs
Tolerance (+/-) .030 in
Aluminum Alloys SR319
Temper T-6
Copper Base Alloys C89833 (Non-leaded C836)
Aluminum Bronze
Manganese Bronze
Silicon Bronze
Other Copper Based Alloys as Requested
Additional Services Provided In house Rapid Prototyping
Steel Shot Blasting
Stress Relieving
Heat Treating
Metal Certification
Pattern Design
Additional Services Available from Qualified Sources X-ray
Powder Coating
Quality Control Metallographic Lab
Sand Testing Lab
Mechanical Testing
Testing Tensile
Brinell Hardness
Inspection X-ray
Liquid Particle
Production Volume Small to Medium Production Runs
Typical Lead Time 4 to 6 weeks
Expedited Services Available

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Meloon Foundries specializes in casting aluminum and copper-based alloys. Over 40 different alloys are cast for commercial applications serving more than 200 customers in the United States.