• Squeezer Bench Molding Pallet Line: green sand molding in flask sizes from 12 X 12 through 18 X 18
  • Osborne Pin-Lift Molding Line: high production green sand molding in flask sizes 22 X 22, 26 X 26, 25 X 30, and custom sizes. Run as a cope and drag configuration
  • No-Bake Molding Line: 300-500 pound per minute continuous mixer supplying no-bake sand to a molding/core loop. Mold handling capability to 4000 pounds per half
  • (4) Large Floor Molding Areas: semi-production custom molding area with flask sizes up to 93 X 93. Specializing in intricate coring and complex shapes
  • Whirl-Air 30 cu. ft. pneumatic conveyor system supplying sand to molding areas through 5-inch pipe to ensure “out of the muller” consistent sand properties


  • Dependable SF-6 automatic shell core machine
  • (4) Bench custom oil sand core room
  • Dedicated No-Bake core line

Melting/Metal Preparation

  • (3) 6000-pound Denton glow-bar melter/holders
  • (1) 6000 pound per hour track mounted gas breakdown furnace
  • (4) 1000 oil-fired crucible furnaces
  • (1) 350-pound Inductotherm 175K lift coil electric furnace
  • (2) rotary degassing units
  • (2) Vacuum gas testing stations


  • (2) Pangborn 6 ft. table blast (steel shot)
  • Pangborn 5 cu. ft. tumble blast (steel shot)
  • 216 cu. ft. stress-relieving oven, Honeywell controlled

Heat Treat

  • Denton drop bottom gas-fired heat treat oven with air and water quench available, Honeywell controlled. Capable of T6, T7 and T71 tempers
  • Various cutoff and grinding stations focused on flexibility for a wide variety of casting sizes and finishing requirements

Quality Control

  • Olympus microscope 1000X
  • Buehler metallographic lab
  • Dietert full sand testing lab
  • Tyler sand sieve tester
  • Tinius Olson tensile machine 60000 pound
  • Tinius Olson brinell hardness tester stationary
  • King brinell hardness tester portable

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