No Bake Aluminum Window Grate Cast Molding

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A customer in the architecture industry approached Meloon Foundries Inc. to manufacture aluminum window grates using the no-bake molding process. The corrosion resistant, 356F aluminum window grates, which measured 68″ long, 48″ wide and 1″ thick, were created on a continuous no-bake mixer production line.


After molding, the grates were machined, shot blasted and then painted. Standard tolerances of +/- .030” were held. As requested by the client, we produced 1,800 of the 82 lbs grates over a six-month period.
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No Bake Molding Project Highlights

Product NameAluminum Window GrateAluminum Window Grate
Product DescriptionThis aluminum window grate is hung over a window to give an industrial look to the building.This aluminum window grate is hung over a window to give an industrial look to the building.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
No-Bake Molding
Stainless Steel Shot Blasting
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartContinuous No-Bake Mixer Production Line
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 68"
Width: 48"
Thickness: 1"
3 Sections of 19 Openings
Tightest Tolerances±.030"
Material Used356F Aluminum
FeaturesCorrosion Resistant
In process testing/inspection performedVisual Inspection and Straightening
Estimated Part Weight82 lbs
Industry for UseArchitectural
Volume1,800 Over 6 Months
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Print