Green Sand Casting In Bronze For Architectural Industry

An architectural industry client approached Meloon Foundries to green sand cast 250 bronze columbarium face plates. The plates which required artistic detail as well as weather-resistant characteristics were green sand casted using floor molding.Each of the C89833 bronze weather resistant face plates measured 15″ long, 15″ wide, and .25″ thick and were visually inspected and straightened. Standard tolerances of +/- .030” were held.

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Product Name Bronze Columbarium Face Plate
Product Description This bronze Columbarium face plate is used to construct a columbarium.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary: Green Sand Casting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Floor Molding
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 15″
Width: 15″
Thickness: .25″
Tightest Tolerances ±.030″
Material Used C89833 Bronze
Features Weather Resistant
Artistic Detail
In process testing/inspection performed Visual Inspection and Straightening
Estimated Part Weight 25 lbs
Industry for Use Architectural
Volume 250 Annually
Standards Met Customer Supplied Print

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